Unique Magic Entertainment
January 19, 2014

Family Shows

Michael’s stand up act is a more formal ‘sit down’ audience show which runs about an hour. It’s not only a sure-fire crowd pleaser, but also adds an extra special something to your next gathering. Everything is provided, including microphone & sound system, and a theatrical backdrop which can turn any performance area into a professional looking theatre. The show pretty much runs itself so you can focus on more important aspects of your evening.

Michael’s signature performance pieces include jaw dropping mental feats and sophisticated visual magic mixed with a dose of quirky comedy.

The stand up magic show can play for an intimate living room of 10 people, or a room of 300 people at a corporate function. The show is packed with mind boggling magic, comedy, and mentalism. Minds will be warped, thoughts will be read, and your belief in what’s real and what’s not will be shattered.