Family Entertainment Pro!

Step into the eccentric world of Michael Stellman, a precision specialist in family entertainment and a magician extraordinaire who transforms ordinary events into extraordinary magical experiences. Catering to audiences of all ages, Michael's shows are a thrilling blend of high-energy magic and interactive fun, ensuring that every spectator is not just watching, but actively participating in the magic. Michael's expertise goes beyond typical birthday parties, extending his magical touch to summer camps, blue and gold banquets, fundraisers, school assemblies, library events, and more. He also brings joy to community festivals, holiday celebrations, and corporate family days, creating unforgettable moments and smiles that linger long after the show. With Michael, every event becomes a spellbinding journey, leaving families with memories that they will treasure forever. Experience the magic with Michael, where every performance is a masterpiece of family entertainment.

Check Out Michael’s Performance Background

Michael does over 200 shows a year for a variety of audiences! He has an acting background in VoiceOver, TV, and film and has been spotted in such projects as Everybody Hates Chris, Gilmore Girls, Casual, and more…


Michael has been performing magic for over 2 decades and does over 200 shows a year for kids, families, and adults!